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The good people at the Verge took photos before our Ghostbusters opening reception in NY, and throughout the hectic night!


Ghostbusters opening reception.

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Evening twilight at Acropolis 

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Tracked down the incredibly elusive Oster Hund.

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I’ve been potting lots of things.

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The Bay

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~bludd mün~

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Having a leisurely afternoon watching horses kick up dust at the equestrian center today.

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Led Zeppelin — Ramble On
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and jc, seahorses

might as well retire now kids

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There is so much that goes into having a beautiful aquarium with colorful tropical fish and coral that fluoresce. It’s harder than baking. Have you ever tried to make sourdough bread?!

I’m comparing apples with apples here, obviously.

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Lole y Manuel — Tu Mira (edit)
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